Who do I vote for May 2016?

We barely have a few weeks before the elections, and survey says that a portion of our population are still undecided on who to vote for as president of the Philippines. This post is a little bit political but the primary purpose of this article is to define what leadership is and the role of a leader in their community.

As a team leader, I have always been criticized about how I run my team and how we are able to contribute to the organization as a whole. From time to time, I receive survey results and feedback from my direct reports where they rate me through a series of common questions and empty forms for them to write what they like and what they don’t like about me. Over the years, i have seen a positive turn around with their feedback and Ever since then, I kept reminding myself that leadership is not an entitlement for people to be changed, but it’s a role to govern people as they change. 


Let me give you a little analogy. There was a corporate event in which all employees (from rank and file to executive management) were invited for a buffet dinner at a nearby restaurant. Before the dinner began, you’ve set an instruction that everyone should fall in line and wait for their turn. You have also instructed the chef to serve in portions and you’ve strictly imposed a no overlapping rule. Now, the people have started to fall in line to get their own plates and head over to the buffet table. Does this end you role as a leader?

The answer is no. While leaders have the authority to ensure proper administration, it’s not his primary role. Giving out instructions and briefing your staff is only a jumpstart of your role. Your primary role is to ensure that the rules are being followed by your people, thus promoting order and positioning yourself in a setting that will not compromise the rules that you have set. A good leader is a leader that knows how to govern his people.

The next question is, where should the leader position himself? Will he stay at the buffet table to ensure that portions are well served? Or should he be at roof of the restaurant to ensure she sees everything? Or should he just stay at the end of the line for the sake of being a good example? 

If a leader stays at the buffet table to ensure proper portions of meals are served, that’s called micromanaging. You’ve already delegated that task to someone else, why would you have to watch over it? If he stays at the back for the sake of being a good example, that’s called hypocrisy. A leader is someone superior and if your way if disciplining people is by earning sympathy, who will they call if they need help when they don’t even feel that someone has some greater role over them? A good leader is a leader that will take a full armor to protect his people.

A leader is someone who stays in the middle to ensure that the employees will fall in line properly and no one is going to overpower anyone in that line – no exceptions regardless of the position that they hold. This is the primary role of the leader – govern their people and protect them. A good leader is a leader who takes care of his responsibility to his people.

So, there you go – with just two weeks before the election, I hope this article has helped you in any way. The candidates during the election period will always be full of promises about change, government programs, livelihood activities, etc. but the let us always remember that while platforms are great drivers for change, what we need is a leader that will make sure that these platforms are being governed to the people and the platforms are meant not just to ensure the raise our ecoNomic status but also protect us and ensure order and governance by hear.


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