What defines “good governance” in a corporate setup.

I have always define good governance as a result of employee engagement.

The truth is – there’s only one thing you need to do to keep the balls rolling – TALK. This simplifies the most complicated role of leader in terms of effective communication. People are not dumb by nature – they can think. This is why they are meant to be called the greatest creation above all things on earth, because they can “Think”. The sad part about most corporate executives today is that they treat employees as animals who they think is just sitting there waiting for a command. It’s extremely important that you get them involved in decision making and goal setting in whatever way you can.

The battle in the senior management is not a battle exclusively intended for senior management alone. There are brilliant minds at the bottom and if you can’t see that the majority of your people are humans, you continue to make them feel like powerless ants who just labor all day to take orders.

There’s definitely more minds you can open and new ideas you can put into your notepads and to-do-lists. It’s only a matter of effective communication. Don’t hide under your desk when situations arise. Don’t close your office door when you see people looking at you from the outside. Most importantly, don’t close your eyes when you know that you can SEE.

Remember … It’s not always about you.


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