Writing in Papers

This week, I decided to write something off the genre of this blog. It’s been over 2 years since I started writing and I realized that in every blog post that I write, there’s not much in terms of thought organization. A messy writer, you can say — but this is honestly the way my mind works – traveling from one thought to another.

So in my attempt to get ideas a little bit organized, I started to get myself acquainted with a pen and paper – old best friends. Here’s why:

  1. It’s a technology everyone can afford – Yep you read it right. Writing is a technology even during the ancient times. Back when they used symbols until such time they were able to come up with the standard alphabet that’s easier to read and interpret. Unlike smartphones that costs you no less than Php 2000, this technology only costs you less than Php 50. And if you are resourceful, you can even get it for free (think about recycling)
  2. It just organizes things – Unlike your digital notes, papers have extraordinary characteristics that lets you freely do anything – drawing, bullet points, graphs, illustrations, etc. (your creativity has no limit)
  3. It takes fun memories – Unlike iPads, all mistakes are recorded when you use a pen and paper. It’s fun to see drafts – ideas you’ve crossed out, things you have highlighted, etc. Plus – you can put a little pressure in your handwriting whenever you feel like highlighting a thought.

Think it’s cool? It is.